First Post

Published March 13, 2017 by Mandy

I’ve been trying to write my first post for so long that I’ve actually lost count of how many drafts I’ve written and then deleted. I’m still not sure exactly what to write in this post, so I’ve decided to write something small just to get the first post over and done with.

This blog will contain my thoughts about any subject that happens to pop into my head, many of those subjects will be triggering and quite controversial. I will put up a “Trigger Warning” at the start of any posts which deal with topics which might trigger people.

I feel it’s important to talk about topics which are triggering and controversial because the less you talk about something the more taboo and stigmatised it becomes. I’ve battled with both mental illness and physical illness for most of my life and I’ve discovered that a lot of people avoid discussing any specifics of their experience with illness for fear of stigma and embarrassment.

I will aim to post every two to three weeks or as inspiration strikes (which is normally in the shower at night). Hopefully, this first post wasn’t too painful to read.